Biggs & Quail: Born to Handcraft Furniture

If you are looking for handcrafted furniture to buy it off-the-shelf, or else you would like to get a custom furniture set or separate furniture pieces of the design that you’ve talked over with the manufacturer, then you are in the right place! Meet the young studio of design born in London and named Biggs & Quail. This design studio is able to provide you with high quality furniture of special design creating an absolutely unique interior of your dream.

Biggs & Quail Makes Pieces to Order

The main advantage of the design studio is that all the details are talked over with the customer and all constituents of the furniture set can be made to order for better embodiment of the main idea that the customer would like to bring to life.

Top Quality Furniture Pieces

No matter how unique and fragile certain furniture pieces must be, taking into account any customer’s preferences, Biggs & Quail guarantees their long service. Actually, the pieces can serve a lifetime without causing any inconveniences to their owners.

Considering the just mentioned it becomes clear that Biggs & Quail design studio is born and called to create special designs of interiors full of modern delicate beauty, glamour and comfort.

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