Gratefully Linked: EMMA and EMILY Cushioned Chair Created by Färg& Blanche

Swedish-French model duo Färg& Blanche has appeared with two exclusive padded chair patterns for Gärsnäs, Swedish furniture brand. EMMA (shown in the first two pictures below) is a hand-tailored, well-sawn armchair that “uses the language of creativity and craftsmanship selecting the gauntlet. The precise and accurate work here involves shape as well as function, boosting the ordinary look to a remarkable level. Both the joints and elegant legs emphasize that graceful and good-looking feeling”. The project was inspired by an old traditional and common chair pattern found by the famous designer in Swedish house of his grandmother.

EMILY (depicted in the last five pictures of the post) was characterized by the designer like EMMA’s little sister: “Simply as siblings, they are identical but still different. The likeness of the family members can be noticed in the needlework: both covered, but patterned in a different way. Exclusively accurate work is a function that also contributes to a powerful saying”. The unusual technique used is based on traditional craft, at the same moment employing the leading boundary of technology. EMILY is a highly comfortable chair, the same successful at the conference table and round a dining one.

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