Homeless Shelters: Innovative & Adaptable Urban Furniture

Urban centers usually discourage roofless from sleeping in public places – without automatically providing alternatives. However, a few activist designers, artists and architects have created clever, adaptable, inflatable and functional innovations that challenge traditional ideas of homelessness and dwelling types. Regardless of your opinion about the most appropriate solutions of this problem, or your thoughts about the street inhabitants, preserve your judgment for a glance to take in these awesome designs!

The picture above depicts ordinary public urban furniture created specifically to prevent people from lying on it. Being a no-win situation, that forces the homeless to look for shelter in dangerous places and keeps the public unaware of problems of homeless dwelling.

Adaptable: Some activists and artists have found clever, innovative and creative ways to reevaluate these designs. An architect Sean Goodsell, one of the designers, has developed a set of urban benches that transform into homeless shelters.

Inflating: Another designer offered a series of inflating dwellings that function with the waste air of buildings. ParaSITE’s creator, Michael Rakowitz, works on different projects created to raise public attention to diverse urban social problems..

Convenient: Architectural, graphic and industrial designer Agustin Otegui has promoted things a step on by producing mobile urban furniture items for homeless, functioning both as storage and shelter.

Deliberate: The Salvation Army also offers less design-intensive and simple though highly effective strategy: blankets that serve as practical help for homeless people and also influence public awareness.

Modernized: Following the hot discussion and controversial remarks on this article, a response was created to encourage other forms of pastoral urbanism from car living to couch surfing.

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