Organically-Molded FavoRack System Celebrates Imperfection

Everything, even the name of the company that created this fashionable shelf system –Imperfettolab – reveals the exclusive imperfections and natural individuality that makes artistic shapes powerful. In the studio’s workhouse in Gambettola, Italy, up-to-date furniture and other items get proper shape under the thorough supervision of EmanuelaRavelli and VerterTurroni.

They design and production of furniture like FavoShef System built upon organic molds turned into shapes, then painted and finished to a perfect polish in conformity with the design. They draw the inspiration from the raw materials’ imperfections and strive to highlight the synthesis between artificial and natural objects becoming domestic. Fashionable and contemporary shelf system byImperfettolab gives you planning and integration freedom to set the desirable organic shapes around to suit the landscapes of your house.

Modular wall constituents make it possible to manage the system in various positions, varying from the scattered around, clustered together or straight line shelving. Place the shelves in a casual style to make them add to the modern look of your room and contemporary overall view of the house.

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